Vedic maths- Level 1

Course Description

Course period    :  3 months ,Total Sessions    :  24 , Weekly  :  2 session ,Duration   :   40 min,

teaching language : English. mode: batch session of 8 students in online classes.

Course requirement : Classroom Bundle, activity sheets, and creative cut-outs. laptop/desktop. good broadband connectivity, web cam, micro phone.

Requirement :  10 – 15 minutes for practice.

Monthly  payment plans available.


  1.  Foundation Addition.
  2.  Foundation Subtraction
  3.  Foundation Multiplication
  4.  Foundation Division
What Are The Requirements?
  • 1.Basic understanding of maths - nothing else! 2.Book and Pen is required for practicing the problems. 3.desktop or laptop with good broadband connectivity and micro phone facility is needed.
What will I learn?
  • 1.edic Mathematics Give 10 -15 Times Faster Result. 2.Increase your Speed and Accuracy. 3.Develops Creativity And Confidence. 4.Removes Maths phobia. 5.You will start loving long maths calculations 6.Solve Math Problem Right Away become a Math Genius
Course Curriculum
  • skill development courses, VEDIC MATHS
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  • Last Updated : 08/10/2022
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