E- COMMERCE Website Development-Level 2

Introduction to payment gateway and CRM.

Learn it? Explore it!

 comprehensive e commerce web design curriculum should cover everything you need to create professional e- commerce websites with perfect payment gateway,orders,cart,checkout and crm . There are multiple ways to make a e- commerce website today, which means there isn’t just one right path. You can make manage a e- commerce website with:

  • A good payment gateway for e commerce website.  
  • A  e- commerce website management with woo commerce, shoppify, and megnato
  • Customizing cart and checkout.
  •  Lead management,sales,and crm implementation.

As a result, you will be set up for success with a curriculum that teaches concepts including: color theory; graphic design; different design tools such as Photoshop or Sketch; using website builders; and the core website programming languages.

– Learn how to set up a ecommerce  shop, product, style and product catalogue.

– Learn how to create cart, checkout and thank you page.

– Learn how to apply different styles & formatting to your e commerce web page

– Learn how to  integrate payment gateway and crm.

– Learn how to create coupons and customising data for shipping.

– Learn how to design product styles and categories.