Essay Olympiad Syllabus Class 5


Chapter 1: Jawaharlal Nehru
Chapter 2: Mahatma Gandhi
Chapter 3: Mother Teresa
Chapter 4: APJ Abdul Kalam
Chapter 5: Dr. Varghese Kurian – The Milkman of India
Chapter 6: A Rainy Day
Chapter 7: A Market
Chapter 8: A Morning Walk
Chapter 9: The Newspaper
Chapter 10: Computer
Chapter 11: Television
Chapter 12: Mobile Phone
Chapter 13: The Policeman
Chapter 14: Our National Flower Lotus
Chapter 15: The Ganga
Chapter 16: Discipline
Chapter 17: My Best Friend
Chapter 18: A Visit to a Zoo
Chapter 19: Taj Mahal/ A Visit to Historical Place
Chapter 20: A Visit to a Hill Station
Chapter 21: The Day I Will Never Forget/ My Picnic
Chapter 22: My First day at School
Chapter 23: My School Library
Chapter 24: Happiest Moment in My Life
Chapter 25: My Aim in Life
Chapter 26: My Favorite Book
Chapter 27: My Favorite Subject
Chapter 28: An Ideal Student
Chapter 29: Cricket – My Favourite Game
Chapter 30: Hockey – National Game of India
Chapter 31: Independence Day
Chapter 32: Republic Day
Chapter 33: Holi
Chapter 34: Christmas
Chapter 35: Milk-The Complete Meal
Chapter 36: The Camel
Chapter 37: A Street Hawker
Chapter 38: An Indian Wedding
Chapter 39: A Soldier
Chapter 40: Health is Wealth
Chapter 41: The Traffic Hazards in My City
Chapter 42: Autobiography of a Bicycle



Analogy and Classification, Mirror and Water Image, Direction Sende Test, Ranking Test, Puzzle Test (Verbal), Coding-Decoding, Venn Diagram, Series, Blood Relations, Figure Matrix, Mathematical Operations, Alphabet Test, Cubes and Dice.



High Order Thinking Section contains questions related to Section 1 – Subjective.