Chapter 1:super senses

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Page 2 answers:
1)How did the ant know that the other ants were not from its group?
*The ant had antennae to sense smell, with the help of smell it came to know that other ants where not from its group.

2)How did the guard ant recognise this ant?
*The guard ant could recognised this ant by its smell.

a)How long did it take for the ants to come?
Ans)It took about 15-20 minutes for ants to come.

b)Did one ant come first or a group of ants group together?
Ans)One ant came first, followed by a group of ants.

c)What did ants do with the food?
Ans)The ants carried the food to their hole.

d)Where do they go from there?
Ans)They go to their hole from there.

f)Do they move in a line?

Page 3 Answers:
1)Now,observe how do the ants move?
Ans)Ants climb up on the pencil.They still move in a line.

2)Now can you guess behaved like that when you blocked their path?
Ans)As the Ants move,it leaves a smell on the ground.The other ants follow this smell to find the way.Thus when their path was blocked,ants tried to maintain theeir path by following the smell.

a)How do the mosquitoes know where you are?
Ans)Mosquitoes can recogize our smell and heat of our body.

Dogs and their smell:
1)Have you seen dog

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